Fallen From Skies has adopt the philosophical concept of life that each member was deeply rooted with, that of fighting and pursuing dreams, in this band you will find letters about everything that entails chasing a dream, always giving a positive message full of power and energy, which has taken its music across the South American and North American continent through 3 international tours, with strong and powerful presentations that lead to a development of shows loaded with extraordinary energy, FFS shows you beyond what the eye can see.

The band was formed in Montevideo – Uruguay in mid-2013, by Gino (Guitar and Voice) and then in January 2015 FFS prepared the suitcases and moved to Santiago de Chile where due to various economic and internal problems in the band, FFS separated completely causing the return to Uruguay of all the members except for Gino Bianchi. Facing this unfavorable situation, Gino decides to stay in Santiago de Chile and rearm the project to meet the goal that seemed impossible. After the incessant search of musicians, 3 members from different countries of Latin America meet the project, Jämie DeGuivar (Bolivia), Max Zuccarino (Argentina) and Andy Rod (Chile) which during the same year would be replaced by Evan Greed (Chile)). Having the new formation, the concept of the unification of the masses is proposed, taking their music through a Tour called “Latin America United without Prejudices”, which took FFS through Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, with a total of 15 shows. In mid-2016, for personal reasons and internal differences of the band, Jämie DeGuivar separates from FFS, being replaced by Sebastian Del Pino (Chile), who was in charge of the drum during the 2nd part of the Tour ” Latin America United without Prejudices”. During the month of December 2016 FFS moved to Argentina, in order to record their second video clip, corresponding to the song “Like Tomorrow’s the End”, first cut broadcast of the EP titled “Responsibles”, recorded by FFS, produced, mixed and mastered by Robby Joyner (Fire From The Gods, Cathleen, Whether I) from Black Book Sound Studios.

Currently based in Mexico, the band now formed by Gino Bianchi (Uruguay), Max Zuccarino (Argentina) and Gabo Perdomo (Venezuela), is preparing to present their next EP entitled “For This New”, the second part of a trilogy with a strong message of internal exploration and spiritual self-evaluation of the universe, produced with Cristopher Mora (Upon A Burning Body, Black Veil Brides, Coldcasket, Charcoal Tongue, etc.) in the United States



Titled: Responsibles
Recorded & Edited by: Evan Greed
Produced by: Gino Bianchi & Fallen From Skies
Mix | Master | Post – Produced by: Robby Joyner (Black Book Sound)
Artwork: Abstract Chaos · Design (www.abstractchaosdesign.com)

Titled: For this new
Recorded & Edited by: Phillip Morris
Produced by: Gino Bianchi & Fallen From Skies
Mix | Master | Post – Produced by: Chris Mora (War Horse Recordings)
Artwork: Abstract Chaos · Design (www.abstractchaosdesign.com)

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